Hunterscliff Phoenix, bred by Nigel Stock and imported into the United States as a puppy. She is the result of 10 generations of careful breeding for working ability, physical soundness, intelligence, and drive. Her uncle is none other than the historic Clumber Spaniel, FTW Midori Diamond Huddlestone “Rigg” – the first Clumber Spaniel in over 100 years to win an All Variety field trial (a win against Springers and Cockers). Her mom Rose is a working Clumber, and her dad is Venaticus Ivan, a field trial award winner. Her grandmother Venaticus Henrietta had field trial placements in an all-variety field trial – there are many other field trial winners among her forbearers. She is co-owned with James Darley, (Venaticus) an absolute icon in the Clumber world and the history of this venerated old Breed. Elsa is competing in All Variety field trials in the UK in the fall and winter of 2022-2023. In time, Elsa will return to the US, where her mom will run her in AKC Master Hunter tests.