Once in a While a Dog Comes Along Just To Raise the Bar–The Game Changer; Uncompromising Intelligence, Athleticism, Drive and Moderation- the Clumber Spaniel, Star

Star Clumber (Cearig Millstream Take Kover SHA, SWE, SCM, SBM, WD, THDX, JH, TDI, CGCA, SCEE, SEM, ORT, NW1) earned her first two AKC Junior Hunter passes in the first 30 days she came home and with no formal training. If there was ever a natural in the field, it is Star.

Star’s high drive for birds has only ever been matched by an uncompromising and formidable intelligence. Star’s intelligence and acute sense of smell have led her to trail birds at a full running pace, well over 100 yards. This is not a dog who will ever be fooled into chasing a plastic bag, Star’s hunting skills made her a force in the field from her first hunt test to her time hunting woodcock in Northern Wisconsin. She is the favorite field Clumber of many people who have seen her in the field.

Star is also the Clumber Spaniel breed’s 1st female AKC Senior Hunter Advanced with a perfect pass record in Senior of 4/4 and 5/5. Her marking ability rivals that of a good marking retriever-she is a pinpoint marker.

Star has several AKC Master Hunter passes but unlike all other Clumber spaniels with Master Hunter passes or titles, (other than her brother Jackson), she also has achieved significant breed firsts at the top of other performance venues.  For example, Star is the 1st Clumber spaniel to ever achieve an Excellent Elite title in AKC scentwork.

Star has also made Clumber spaniel breed history as the breed’s first and only AKC Therapy Dog Excellent. Star has visited facilities like Misericordia Home, hospitals, and nursing homes, making over 200 certified hospital visits. She is loved wherever she goes and, like the best natural therapy dogs, intuitively knows how to make whomever she is with, feel like they are her favorite person and the center of her world. Her gift for bringing joy and healing has been touching to observe. Star is pure love, wrapped in the silkiest white fur.

She is the first Clumber spaniel to earn an excellent elite title in AKC nose work, and the Clumber spaniel breed’s first female Clumber to earn a National Association of Canine Scent Work’s NW1 title. She is one leg in Master interior away from joining her littermate and brother, Jackson Clumber, in being the 2nd Clumber spaniel to earn a Scent Work Master title.

Her mom considers Star the finest field dog of any breed she has ever had the privilege to watch.