The Sporting Dog in a Class of One–The Only AKC Champion in the World, of Any Breed To Be a Master Hunter and an AKC Scent Work Detective Dog The Clumber Spaniel More Breed First Than Any Clumber in the History of the Breed

Jackson (CH Cearig Millstream Take Kommand MH, SWM, SHA, WD, SCME, RATN, NW3-E, CGC, NW3, NW3-E, NW3-I, NW3-V, SWD) has acquired more performance firsts for the Clumber spaniel breed than any other Clumber spaniel anywhere.

But what is as impressive, is an uncompromising intelligence that led to passing rates that are impressive not just for Clumber spaniels, but in any breed of dog.

In his lifetime career of running hunt tests, Jackson has only ever not passed one hunt test! He passed Junior Hunter 4/4, Senior Hunter 4/5, Senior Hunter Advanced 5/5, and Master Hunter 5/5. His one failing hunt test was when someone other than his mom, ran him and he saw her. In 2017, Jackson passed 15/16 hunt tests in row-running in five different states.

Jackson won the Clumber Spaniel Club of America CSCA Sporting Dog Cup Trophy by a record 63.5 points, roughly more than twice the number of points by which it had ever been won before he won it.

Some of Jackson's historical breed firsts:

  • Jackson is the Clumber spaniel breed’s 1st Senior Hunter Advanced;
  • 1st and only Double Master;
  • Clumber Spaniel breed's 1st and only Scent Work Master;
  •  1st and only Scent Work Detective Dog;
  • 1st and only Clumber spaniel to earn the National Association of Canine Scent Work’s NW3 title (twice);
  • 1st and only Clumber spaniel to earn and AKC Scent Work Master Elite title;
  • Jackson was also the 1st Clumber spaniel to earn a High in Trial in a large scent work trial, against all other breeds, including Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, and field-bred Labs, et al.

Jackson’s pass record in scent work is as extraordinary for any breed of dog, as it is in the field. Most of Jackson’s runs in scent work resulted not just in qualifying passes but either First, Second, or Third Place Placements in time.

Like his sister, Star, Jackson was far too intelligent to chase a plastic bag, realizing soon, that it had no bird or rabbit scent.

But his high drive in the field leaves a record passing rate in AKC hunt tests that are unlikely to ever be matched in the Clumber spaniel breed, or most any other breed.

Jackson also sets a history making first for the American Kennel Club (AKC) as he is the only AKC Champion to hold both a Master Hunter and a Scent Work Detective title in the world-of any breed.

He is one of only four dogs in the world, to hold both Master Hunter and Scent Work Detective titles (the first being a field-bred Labrador and Jackson the second).

Even at the age of 10.5, Jackson still competes in NASCW scent work and sets the bar to levels that will likely never be reached in the Clumber spaniel again.